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With our help, take your first steps to recovery with prosthetics and orthotics made just for you.

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The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is home to fully comprehensive Brace and Prosthetics Clinics which provide expert evaluations and fittings. Throughout the Spaulding Network, orthotics are custom-made for your individual needs. The clinics include assessments and fittings for lower extremity and upper extremity bracing, as well as neck and back bracing. The Brace Clinic service is available to you while in the inpatient program as well as following discharge, with lifelong support through our outpatient network bracing and prosthetic services.

The prosthetic clinic at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital consists of a physiatrist, physical therapist and a certified prosthetist. Patients undergo evaluation and consultation with the clinic team to develop a plan to maximize mobility after limb loss.

The outpatient Foot Orthotics services are designed to help you improve the biomechanical alignment of your ankles, feet, legs, hips, and spine. Using an evidence-based approach, Spaulding Network clinicians can provide customized foot orthotics to best meet your unique needs.

The components of Spaulding Network’s Orthotics services may include:

  • Video assessment of walking and/or running
  • Comprehensive biomechanical assessment
  • Casting of your foot in a biomechanical neutral position
  • Footwear recommendations
  • Education on injury prevention

Leadership and Innovation

Our Brace Clinic team consists of physiatrists, physical therapists, orthotists, and experienced certified prosthetists who collaborate on your case. This team has over 60 years of combined experience caring for patients who need orthotics, bringing you the best area knowledge and expertise in lower extremity and upper extremity prosthetics.

A team of physical therapists also staffs the Spaulding Network’s Brace and Prosthetics Clinics to provide well-rounded instructions and rehab interventions to ensure the safe mobility for you.

Our clinicians have extensive training in custom foot orthotics, resulting in the most optimal outcome for our patients. Our clinicians have worked with athletes of all levels, from casual walkers to elite marathoners.

David Crandell, MD, Medical Director at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston; Director of Inpatient and Outpatient Amputee Programs
Lisa Pezzini, PT, Brace Clinic Director, at Spaulding Rehabilitation Outpatient Center Medford


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