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The later years of life can be marked by declining health and loss of physical and cognitive (thinking) abilities, but at Spaulding we know that “age-related” problems can often be avoided and even reversed by the right combination of medical interventions and lifestyle choices. The impact of many conditions can be minimized through focused rehabilitation and adaptive strategies that enable seniors to be active, pursue interests, and remain in control of their lives.  Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury or living with a chronic disease or disability, Spaulding’s physicians, therapists and other rehabilitation specialists will help you improve strength, regain confidence, and live as independently as possible.

Advanced Geriatric Care to Meet our Patients' Needs

Innovative Rehabilitation Care for Independent Living  

Most Spaulding inpatient and outpatient centers treat conditions associated with aging, from arthritis, osteoporosis and balance problems to hip fractures, respiratory conditions and stroke. Spaulding’s four levels of care allow patients and families to select the best setting to meet each patient’s needs. 

Spaulding experts have also developed programs to address specific issues related to aging, including hearing loss, vision loss, driving ability, injury prevention, and living with chronic disease. 

Centers for Geriatric Neurology (CGN) take a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to evaluating and treating loss of function due to Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke and other neurological disorders. Based on a rehabilitation model of care, the CGN team uses a whole-person perspective to treat complex physical, cognitive and behavioral symptoms, to improve safety, and to educate family members about how to offer appropriate support and advocacy.   

Live Long Walk Strong (LLWS) is a multi-disciplinary clinical program designed to prevent falls and fall-related injuries. After evaluation to determine any physical impairments or functional problems that would put them at risk, patients may receive physical and/or occupational therapy, education and instruction on community exercise/activity programs, and other interventions to maximize balance, improve mobility, restore confidence and enhance quality of life.


Spaulding clinicians use a coordinated approach to treat elderly patients, taking into account the multiple factors that may impact each patient’s medical condition, support system, and potential for recovery and independent living.  Many therapists have certification or advanced training in specific treatment modalities and areas of interest, and Spaulding physicians are experienced in treating a broad spectrum of conditions common in later life.

Jonathan Bean, MD, Director, Spaulding Research Center for Lifelong Health and Fitness
David Lowell, MD, Neurologist, Director of Spaulding Centers for Geriatric Neurology


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