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The Volunteer Service Department supports the general services of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Our volunteers act as vital members of the care team and strive to deliver compassionate care across the healthcare continuum by improving the quality of life for persons recovering from, or learning to live fully with illness, injury and disability. By giving of their time, our volunteers support the mission, vision and values of Spaulding and become involved in our hospital community.  The experience of our patients, their families and our staff are made more meaningful through the services provided by our dedicated and enthusiastic core of volunteers. Volunteers participate in activities that range from interacting with patients and their families to providing administrative support for our staff. 

Our goal is to assist interested parties in finding an enjoyable volunteer experience at Spaulding. If you would like to become a volunteer at please contact us at the following locations:

If you would like to become a Spaulding volunteer, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Know what you want to get out of volunteering. You can volunteer in order to make a contribution to your community, advance your career, meet new friends, gain recognition or simply enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others.
  • Think about your skills, interests, and life experiences. Also reflect on how these experiences can be useful in a hospital volunteer setting.
  • Most importantly, bring your heart and sense of humor to your volunteer service, along with an enthusiastic spirit, which is a priceless gift.

To become a Spaulding Network volunteer, please complete the application here.

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