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Patient Stories at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

As a national leader in rehabilitative care, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network helps patients find their strength every day. But it’s the words and experiences of our patients that best describe what our services can really do.

Our patient stories provide a look inside the outstanding rehabilitative services available through our network of world-class providers. We invite you to read these compelling and unforgettable stories – and learn how our rehabilitative care has changed people’s lives.

Jared | Spinal Cord

After a stray bullet injured a police officer's spine, he was determined to recover quickly and walk again.

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Meredith | Spinal Cord

"My rehab team helped me not only to find the physical strength needed for rehab, but also the mental strength to push through the frustration."

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Jim | Stroke

Jim and Nancy Celebrate 50th Anniversary in Hawaii

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Brandi | Complex Med

A loving wife and mother overcomes the challenges of a debilitating illness and returns to living life to the fullest

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Caroline | Stroke

A financial professional overcomes the challenges of a stroke and returns to pursuing her dreams.

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Valerie | Stroke

An accomplished vocalist overcomes the challenges of a stroke and returns to pursuing her passions.

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| Complex Med

We Step Up.

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Muji | Amputee

Our team of therapists and doctors deserve a great deal of credit for Muji's recovery. But Muji deserves even more.

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Donald McNeil


Recovery after being paralyzed in a high school wrestling tournament.

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Tedy Bruschi


An NFL All Pro recovers from a stroke to get back on the field.

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Tom | Amputee

A severe bacterial infection forced one patient to choose between losing his leg or his life.

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Monica Jorge

Monica | Amputee

All four of her limbs were amputated after complications following childbirth.

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Lisa and her mom

Lisa | Brain Injury

A motor vehicle accident left her near death.

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Dave Demers


Weaning off a ventilator after a heart attack.

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