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Quality and Safety at Spaulding Hospital Cambridge

Spaulding Hospital Cambridge provides care for patients with serious medical conditions that require intense specialized treatment for several weeks or longer. Our interdisciplinary medical team is comprised of highly skilled physicians, nurses, therapists and other clinicians who work together to coordinate and provide specific individual treatments for each patient.

Ventilator Program

Patients admitted to the ventilator program receive care from a multidisciplinary team including pulmonary and critical care physicians who are deeply committed to helping our patients become ventilator free. Outcomes for the 2016 Ventilator Program were as follows:

  • The overall hospital length of stay: 73 days
  • The average number of days on a ventilator: 38 days
  • The average number of patients weaned from the ventilator: 79%

Patient Satisfaction

How our patients rate their hospital experience

Planned Discharges

In addition to providing “excellence in care”, we foster an atmosphere that allows and encourages each individual to “Find their Strength”. In that partnership, the goal of discharge is to work closely with our patients and families to transition home, to a lower setting of care, or to return to acute care for planned ongoing treatment.   We help our patients find the most appropriate care setting as they continue their care recovery.

Helping you to stay at Home

Another indicator of quality care is whether patients require readmission to an acute care hospital within 30 days of discharge from SHC. The most recent data available from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for 2013-2014 shows that Spaulding Hospital Cambridge is doing better than the national average with readmissions. The U.S. National rate was 24.61% compared to SHC at 23.75%.

Remarkable Recoveries
Remarkable Recoveries - Dave's Story

Weaning off a ventilator after a heart attack.

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