Spaulding Rehab Takes Pride in the Filming of Stronger Starring Jake Gyllenhaal at its Charlestown Hospital

On April 15, 2013, we witnessed the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings unfold along with many other people across our city and around the world.  Only 12 days later, we opened the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, and our dedicated and talented staff had the opportunity to play a central role in helping our city heal.

Jeff Bauman was one of the 32 critically injured Marathon survivors we treated.  During the months that followed, Jeff was treated as both an inpatient and an outpatient at Spaulding, and he formed strong bonds with his fellow survivors and caregivers. Jeff’s story, chronicled in his best-selling book “Stronger” and recounted in the upcoming movie of the same name, has inspired and educated the public about the obstacles and challenges that people with disabilities face each day.

The filmmakers for Stronger approached Spaulding with a commitment to honor the courage of everyone involved in the moving events following the tragedy and to share Jeff’s story in an honest and respectful way. Allowing the filming to take place in the same places where Jeff’s long road to recovery took place presented a unique opportunity to share his story as well as to further Spaulding’s mission of empowerment for the patients and families we serve.  Many of the caregivers and patients Jeff has known through his care and peer mentorship at Spaulding were directly involved in the scenes filmed at the hospital.  The entire experience is one we view as another honor for those brave survivors and dedicated caregivers who have worked so hard to foster that special spirit called Boston Strong.

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